Tuesday 22 September 2015

Mobil 1 announced a Giveaway to Celebrate its 40th Anniversary

The world's leading synthetic motor oil brand Mobil 1 celebrates its 40th Anniversary. The brand announced a major hat giveaway. There are 500 giveaways in total, which are special edition Mobil 1 branded hats. In order to get a chance to win a giveaway, customers need to take the quiz which consists of 5 different questions about synthetic motor oil and provide their contact details. The Anniversary campaign is going to be valid for a whole month of September in the US.

This campaign is great to remind customers that Mobil 1 is not only the leader in the synthetic motor oil industry, but also has enormous experience of working in the respective market. Giveaway can provide an additional awareness for the brand and media coverage. Even quiz as a part of the campaign is also helpful, it can show the brand if the customers are aware of all the benefits the product can offer and it also show the overall brand knowledge. 

Customers voluntarily provide their personal details to the company such as e-mail / age / name / ZIP code etc. This gives room to a permission marketing and allows to tailor the future promotions according to sex / location or/and age of the receiver. All the information is extremely useful for the future marketing campaigns.

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