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Lingerie Brand Warcoal Celebrates its 30th Anniversary with Giveaways

American lingerie brand Warcoal celebrates its 30th Anniversary with free giveaways. The brand announced “30 Years of Beauty Giveaway”, every week there will be 30 giveaways of "bra of the month" with approximate value of $48. There is no need to purchase as customers only need to get registered on the website. This is all that is required to participate in the giveaway. The promotion is meant for US, Canada and Puerto Rico markets.

According to the promotion rules, the right "monthly bra" for a giveaway was chosen by senior fashion editor of Marie Claire magazine, who also happened to be the ambassador of the brand. Which is beneficial in providing additional media coverage to reach the target group.
Lingerie Brand Warcoal Celebrates its 30th Anniversary with Giveaways

Giveaways provide a great opportunity to celebrate your business anniversary while simultaneously increasing brand awareness and stimulate sales. This is an exceptional marketing strategy for companies to increase publicity and achieve considerable media coverage. Anniversary celebration can also serve as an excellent reminder to the customer of brand’s experience in the industry, therefore improving brand knowledge. This is a great example of a company using free gifts to make their business even more successful.

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