Thursday 3 September 2015

Karaoke celebrates Anniversary with a Gift with Purchase

Red Box andGreen Box Karaoke are having anniversary, therefore they announced Special Anniversary Promotion at any Red Box and Green Box Karaoke from 1st August –30th September 2015. All the karaoke members buying 3 head charges will get one more for free. Buy 2 Free 1 Head Charge for Maybank Credit card members can buy 2 head charges and get one extra for free.

There is also a competition with the vast array of prizes - VIVO Smart Phones, Nu Teen Beauty Products & True Fitness 3 Months Free Membership. All the customers purchasing Exclusive Microphone Shape USB (8GB) automatically enter the competition.

Karaoke celebrates Anniversary with a Gift with Purchase

Microphone can serve as brilliant promotional product once branded. It will offer unusual advertising space, thus will attract more attention and will be more memorable for customers. It can be used for higher brand exposure in public spaces like karaoke, KTV, in bars or conferences. It will be beneficial for business that wants to increase brand awareness by high exposure of their logo. And also helpful for KTV or any other business using those microphones to get an additional advertising revenue stream. It is a win win situation. Additionally, it might lead to more positive brand association, people will tend to associate fun they had in KTV with brands they were exposed to.

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