Tuesday 8 September 2015

Ebay.in Celebrates its 4th Anniversary with Free Gifts with Purchase

Ebay.in celebrates its 4 Anniversary with free gifts with purchase. When buying over 1000 in, 5000 in and 10000 in, customers will be able to choose the gift they want from 3 different options. The company offers different types of high tech gifts – headsets, USBs, hard drives, USB hubs, webcams, digital photo frames and even Apple iPod Shuffle.

Ebay.in Celebrates its 4 Anniversary with Free Gifts with Purchase
Free gift with purchase is one of the oldest promotions going yet it is still extremely effective. It is powerful enough to stimulate customers to buy in order to get the free product that they are truly interested in. Ebay.in displays all the gifts customers can get, thus subsequently pushing them to spend more to get a better gift.

This promotional strategy has numerous benefits – raised brand awareness and brand preference, increased customer loyalty are just the beginning of all the advantages. What’s more is that it helps to develop relationships with the customers, which is crucial for a modern-day business.

Customers will have a higher perceived value of such giveaways considering that those are high tech gifts. Therefore they will feel appreciated and thankful towards the brand. Eventually it will generate the repeat online shop visits and purchases, influencing future profits positively.

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