Tuesday 11 August 2015

Another National Day Celebration which includes a Free Gift with Purchase

Again, again is an Asian company clever by taking advantage of Singapore's National Day celebration. This time is The Face Shop offering a free gift with purchase. If you want to achieve this free gift, you need to spend above $180 in one purchase. After you will achieve a little red box worth $50, which contains different kind of healthcare products from The Face Shop.  

Another National Day Celebration which included Free Gift With Purchase 

Why offer a free gift with purchase?

A free gift with purchase can be an inexpensive way of expanding your business. It makes people buy impulse, and makes them think, that they are getting value for money. 
This type of advertisement is brilliant to promote your brand as well. When your logo is branded on the gift, you will create more brand awareness and by then boost your sales. This offer is a good little door opener to consumers whom haven't tried your product yet. If they then feel satisfied with it, they would probably order again. 

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