Tuesday 18 August 2015

Travel Through 7 Decades with TAP Portugal

The Portuguese company TAP Portugal is celebrating their 70th anniversary as the leading flying company in Portugal. The company was a pioneer in creating new routes across the world and is therefore celebrating this by offering 150 different digital stickers people can collect. Every day until 31 December 2015 will TAP Portugal publish 5 new stickers on social medias, which will contain images of the company's history. If you afterword's manage to collect all 150 stickers you will receive an exclusive limited album with all the stickers printed in.

Travel Through 7 Decades with TAP Portugal 

If items only are manufactured in a certain amount of quantity, the value of the product will increase. This means that TAP Portugal's deal will be a great offer for collectors all round the world. This commemorative deal will create a lot of awareness to the company's anniversary, because it will run over a longer period of time. This gives loyal customers longer time to get familiar with the company and its values.

Companies can benefit from commemorative products like this in many ways. Below is highlighted some bullet-points.
  • Increased brand recognition 
  • Boosted sales + profits
  • Increased impulse purchases 
  • Added value to each single purchase   

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