Thursday 13 August 2015

Disney Celebrates their 5th D23 EXPO With Limited Merchandise

Back in 2009, the world famous Walt Disney Company decided to create an official fan club named D23. This organisation is mainly known for its biennial exposition event, D23 EXPO.  
The major components of D23, is to create yearly member gifts and limited exclusive merchandise for people who has joined the fan club.  

Now in 2015, the 5th anniversary event is ready to be held, which will happen this upcoming weekend, August 14-16 in Anaheim, California.

Again this year, Disney has not disappointed their fans as they have produced different limited merchandise especially for their 5th anniversary of D23.

Disney Celebrates their 5th D23 EXPO With Limited Merchandise

Coincidentally will this years event be held meanwhile Mickey Mouse is celebrating his 60th anniversary as a cartoon. This naturally means that a lot the promotional merchandise is limited produced in Mickey Mouse prints. 
As seen on above picture is Disney trying to create more brand awareness through items, people use in everyday life, such as Iphone covers and bags. 

Disney Celebrates their 5th D23 EXPO With Limited Merchandise

Walt Disney has many fans all around the world. This means that the brand has become so famous that people actually starts to collect limited items from the brand. As seen above has Disney made some limited pins for collectors. 

Why produce limited anniversary items? 

As mentioned are Disney a global brand, which also means that they can act global in their marketing strategies. Such limited items as above are a great way to improve your strength on the global market and by that, create more brand awareness and goodwill.
If Disney wants to stay on top of mind, do they really need to do something different. Limited anniversary items for events, is proving that Disney is trying to stay and strengthen their position as the biggest in the market.

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