Monday 10 August 2015

California Fitness celebrates National Day with special promotions

The large fitness chain placed all around Asia, California Fitness, is now celebrating the local National Day of Singapore, with special promotions from 7-10 August 2015 in their centres around Singapore. The fitness chain offers one months membership for free, if you sign up for their Platinum Term Membership. All sign-ups will afterwords also compete about 3 prizes, of a new FITBIT charges, worth $ 169

California Fitness celebrates National Day with special promotions 

Act Global, Think Local

When you are doing business in different kind of countries, you need to consider how to adapt to the specific culture in your marketing approach. This means that you should always look for opportunities in the specific country. This can be very valuable in the long run. 

California Fitness is surely taking advantage of this strategy, because they are aware of the big celebration day in Singapore. This approach to the market is not the cheapest, but is definitely every penny worth, if you succeed adapting your campaigns to the specific culture. 
Acting global, and thinking local is therefore a great way to boost sales and thereby getting the most out of your specified campaigns.  

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