Thursday 6 August 2015

Mr Bean celebrates 20th Anniversary with Plush Toys

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Mr Bean offers an adorable little plush toy. This plush toy is a copy of the chain soya bean food & beverage retailers' logo.
The company is the leading retailer in Singapore with more than 50 stores around. To maintain this position, the company needs do something extraordinary, which they are doing through this little limited brand recognition merchandise.

Mr Bean celebrates 20th Anniversary with Plush Toys

What is recognition merchandise?

Recognition merchandise is often an award, which is easy to personalize with your own company logo. It can help your company to increase brand awareness and thereby boost sales in the long run, which means that this kind of marketing strategy can be very powerful over time.

If you want to increase sales and market share, you must consider if your brand recognition merchandise product fits to your company's brand mission and vision. This simply has to agree with each other. As an example of successful brand recognition combined with successful brand vision, we can mention Mr Bean, which vision says:

By offering this little plush toy as a purchase, do the company also trying to accomplish their brand vision by being a part of their customers daily life, because it's something different than normal, which customers can relate the company with. This is therefore a brilliant way to celebrate an anniversary of your company or just a national day. 

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