Monday 31 August 2015

Subway Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Branded T-Shirts

The American sandwich maker, Subway is now celebrating their 50th anniversary with branded t-shirts, to highlight the company's anniversary. This is a great way of creating more awareness to the brand. Anniversaries like this make the company more trustworthy, clearly a company that has survived 50 years will look better than a company only a few years old. It is therefore a great way to show customers the experiences your company has.

Subway Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Branded T-Shirts 

It is important to brand your company internally as well as externally. In retail store like Subway the employees also play their part in advertising the company brand. Companies like Subway take advantage of this when branding their own company name and anniversary celebration on staff t-shirts.

Why use Recognition Merchandise?   

Recognition merchandise helps your company to stay in customer's recognition, when deciding which brand to choose. It also allows for customers to impulse purchase because they associate products, logos and brand with your company.

Subway Celebrates 50th Anniversary with Branded T-Shirts 

Below is listed some bullet points of how your company can benefit from recognition merchandise:
  • Increased awareness 
  • Boosted sales 
  • Impulse purchases 
  • Standing out among competition 

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