Monday 24 August 2015

5 Year's of Starcraft II Marks Their Anniversary Giveaway!

Toys, plushies and hoodies! 

All of this and more is being given away by Blizzard Entertainment for the 5th anniversary of the competitive RTS game Starcraft II. Expanding the ecosystem of Blizzard Entertainment via the memorabilia given away will surely instill brand identity into the gaming industry.

This anniversary of Starcraft 2 is being celebrated with a competition, the winner receives promotional products as shown! Exciting and competitive, in line with the core competencies of Starcraft 2! 

Whats so great about this for business opportunities? 
  • Brand Awareness 
  • Marketing Opportunities 
  • Diversity 
  • Brand Stability and Strength
The toys, hoodies and plushies not only promote brand awareness, but they expand the ecosystem of Starcraft 2 and blizzard entertainment. To win, consumers post #gg5years to twitter with a photo of their favourite Starcraft item, offering further marketing opportunities for Blizzard!

In addition to the marketing opportunities; the anniversary competition (complemented by the promotional products)  also instills a feel of stability and brand strength given the 5 years the game has been successful.

The promotional items are tailored to the specific product of Starcraft, offered by Blizzard. This highlights the diversity in contrast to the other items offered on the store, as it contrasts with other products from other titles under the umbrella of Blizzard Entertainment.

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