Wednesday 19 August 2015

Michael Kros One-Year Anniversary Celebration with Free Giveaways

The world-renowned award winning luxury accessory company Michael Kros is now celebrating the one year anniversary of their opening in Holyoke Mall in Massachusetts. This occasion will be celebrated with free complementary cosmetic bags as giveaways. To receive this gift, you need to visit the store itself. This campaign will be running from 22nd August until 1st September 2015.

Michael Kros One-Year Anniversary Celebration with Free Giveaways 

This campaign should be successful for a number of reasons. It will firstly attract a lot of customer traffic flow into the store, leading to a much higher chance of impulse purchasing. Furthermore, the impulse purchases will have a higher value than the giveaway. This is beneficial as even though only a small amount of customers are potentially purchasing the products, the store is still turning a profit on these giveaways.

Thirdly the free promotional giveaway allows for increased brand recognition. The cosmetic bag will increase brand awareness and lead non-impulse customers to make a purchase later on. This is truly a great marketing approach that should be considered when you do your yearly marketing planning.        

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